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For Lawyer Karen Wang, law isn’t just a job. It’s a calling and a passion. She chose family law because she wants to help real families, in real situations, solving real problems.

Karen originally graduated from the University of Texas  at Austin, then moved around the country to support her husband’s career in law and medicine.  Now her three children are grown–1 is married and has made Karen a grandmother of two wonderful boys, one attends a Texas university, and one attends Cornell University. She and her husband like to travel, enjoy music, and all types of cuisine.

Attorney Wang has been a successful real estate broker, a successful volunteer in schools and communities, and has been a successful business owner. She has lived in the projects, in the small Texas town, in the affluent suburban communities, and in the big cities. She is determined to tap into this diverse background to reach out to all people in need of competent legal representation in family matters.

When parties prefer to cooperatively mediate rather than fight, Karen is ready for that too!  She appreciates that some families are capable of coming to an agreement without the trauma and expense of litigation.  To ensure a high quality mediation process, Attorney Wang attended the University of Texas Public Policy School to earn her certification as mediator.

Awards and Distinctions

Austin Texas Attorney Karen Wang dedicated a significant portion of her law school career as a participant of the Commercial Arbitration Moot Court sponsored by The Institute of International Commercial Law. She and her team reprsented her law school at competitions in Vienna against many other law schools from around the world. At the competition in Hong Kong she and her team advanced against others as prestigious as Harvard.

Karen also values high ethics, service. This is reflected in her hard earned Book Award at The Adrian Wiggins School of Law for Ethics class,  and having twice been honored by the State Bar of Texas for her Pro Bono work. These accomplishments show her commitment to helping people no matter what their resources.

Austin Attorney Karen Wang worked hard to become competent and continues to work hard to remain competent in a field of law that can change significantly from one legislative session to the next, and from one landmark higher court decision to the series of lesser ones that change the standards of practice. To that end, each year she strives to be included in the Texas Bar College, dedicated to professionalism in law.

In 2017, Ms. Wang earned the designation of  Child Welfare Law Specialist, which is recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  There are over 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas. Only 7,300 have earned the right to be publicly recognized as Board Certified specialists in one of 23 select areas of law. Karen Wang is one of them.

Karen’s Practice

Because she cares about her clients and wants the best for them and their families, Family Lawyer Karen Wang demands a relationship which is honest and respectful. She expects her clients to follow the law and abide by the courts’ orders.

It’s also very important to keep an ongoing, honest stream of communication. Austin Family Law Attorney Karen Wang returns calls immediately and keeps her clients advised on their cases.

She expects the same level of communication from her clients.

Helping Children and Families

Karen believes in fighting for families—fighting for children to be in healthy and loving families. She understands families are different in many ways, including ethnically, socioeconomically, and more. The common thread for families with children are the children, and the children are whom she ultimately desires to help.  She will demand that her client make the child the center of all decisions.

Karen M Wang, Attorney at Law is focused on providing high-quality service and client satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

If you need someone to help you with a sensitive family issue, contact Austin Texas Attorney Karen Wang today for a consultation.

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