Karen Wang

I’m fortunate that my passion is law.  I’d concentrated in International Commercial Arbitration in law school, and traveled the world in moot court competitions (advanced in Hong Kong against teams from Harvard even!).  However, I couldn’t escape the desire to help real everyday people in real everyday situations such as those in family law cases.

I’m culturally sensitive as well as socio-economically sensitive to issues that can require some creative thinking within the parameters of the laws.  However, I move equally well among the affluent community where the problems require retaining forensic experts and the like since I’d been a real estate broker for a number of years and graduated from the School of Business, University of Texas at Austin.  The perfect client for me is one who will work WITH me, who will be honest with me, and who can be reasonable after the emotions have had time to settle.  I do not do well with clients who hide things from me, who disobey court orders, who do not act ethically, and who continue to do “bad acts” and expect their lawyer to deal with it and get them out of all negative consequences. I’m a lawyer who does turn down cases.

My business instincts as well as my sensitivity for budget-minded families lead me to suggest ‘less expensive’ ways to accomplish the end goals of a case, rather than the sometimes easier but more expensive ways.  I am very–almost too much—available to my clients.  It is very rare that I don’t return a call, email, or even text within the day—even when I’m on vacation.  I believe Family Law is about many things, but availability is a big one because of the nature of the situations like child-exchange times when they go awry.  I can appreciate that 2 minutes of my time can relieve the anxiety of a parent who, at 6 p.m.,  doesn’t want to wait until 8 a.m. the next morning to know what to do.

I love what I do. If you fit my description above of a good client, you’ll soon see that I put that passion to use for you and your case.

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