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Adopting a child is a blessing that expands your family and strengthen the bonds between parents, children, siblings and loved ones. It also involves complicated legal hurdles and working with an experienced Austin adoption attorney can help you negotiate the process smoothly. Karen Wang, Attorney at Law, helps people in the Austin area to negotiate the legal system so you can focus on your growing family.

Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoption is one of the most common types and mixed families enjoy tremendous benefits from bringing everyone under a single banner. Once the process has been completed, the child assumes the same rights and privileges as biological offspring for the purposes of surnames, parental consent, custody, death benefits and support. In many ways, stepparent adoption marks a rite of passage for the child that binds him or her to the clan. The change demonstrates love, affection and enduring commitment.

Non-stepparent Adoptions

Texas law requires that potential adoptive parents and families undergo rigorous scrutiny. An agency will conduct background checks, investigate abuse, talk to references and make home visits. The formal process can be quite extensive and having experienced legal representation can avoid unnecessary bureaucratic holdups.

Although adoption can be a lengthy and challenging process, children are a blessing well worth the legal hurdles. If you are considering adoption, contact Karen Wang, Attorney at Law for a consultation.

CPS Adoptions

Attorney Karen Wang has consummated many adoptions for cases that involve the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  She works with the adoption caseworker as well as your case manager or kinship worker, and will ensure that the vital documents are processed correctly.  These adoptions can require specialized knowledge of benefits available to the adopting family, including monthly financial assistance, post-adoption services, and tuition and fees waiver for your sweet new son/daughter to attend a Texas university for free!  There are indeed pitfalls which can lock you out of these benefits forever.   Contact Child Welfare Law Specialist Karen Wang for guidance.

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