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In today’s progressive family court system, child custody does not always favor the mother or top wage earner. Judges place the best interests of the child first and sometimes that boils down to which parent provides the most stable care and home life. When parents cannot agree on what’s in their child’s best interest, it’s important to work with an experienced Austin child custody attorney. Karen Wang, Attorney at Law, can help you work out a reasonable agreement or litigate your child custody case.

Type of Custody

In the vast majority of cases, judges award some form of joint conservatorship. Conservatorhip gives a parent the authority to be involved in major life decisions. Each type of conservatorship comes with a different degree of access and responsibility. It’s important to have experienced legal counsel to explain the long-term implications of the distinct types of conservatorship options.

  • Managing Conservatorship: A parent that has this type of conservatorship generally has input into the major life decisions of the child. Whether these are religious affiliation, sports participation, medical treatment or education, having managing conservatorship means you have decision-making authority.
  • Possessory Conservatorship: Infrequently, a parent is given no managing conservatorship right at all. In such a case, the issues are often what type visitation and what child support will be ordered.
  • Joint Conservatorship: In most cases, the court awards a level of conservatorhip to both parents. One parent usually is awarded the exclusive right to designate the child’s primary residence, along with the right to receive child support from the other parent. Otherwise, as to most all other decisions, both parents often enjoy input into major decisions.
  • Sole Conservatorship: Rarely do courts deny one parent’s legal rights in favor of the other. This tends to occur when a parent demonstrates unfitness due to drug or alcohol addiction, abuse or criminal behavior.

Child custody matters can be quite complicated and parents need strong representation.  Austin Child Welfare Law Specialist Karen Wang will help protect your rights. If you are facing a child custody issue or wish to have a previous order modified, contact Karen Wang, Attorney at Law, for a consultation

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