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Attorney Karen Wang obtained her certification as a Mediator at the University of Texas School of Pubic Policy.  She has conducted mediations involving divorce, child custody, private cases of termination of parental rights, as well as complex cases involving multiple parties in child welfare cases.
  • Where?

    Oddly enough for a lawyer, Ms. Wang does not have a physical office space.  After discovering that she was always out of the office because she was at the courthouse, at off-site mediations, and visiting child clients in their own environments, she decided to sell her loft office space downtown and go virtual, also making her more affordable to clients.  This makes her conveniently mobile for mediations wherever one party or another has available space.  In any event, she is able to secure day use of offices around the city for mediations.

  • What?

    In most cases, reaching a settlement outside the courtroom is faster, easier, and less expensive for everyone involved. Texas law allows for agreements to be made in mediation and bestows upon them a legal protection not given to other types of agreements. Mediation is a negotiation process that is controlled by the parties, and facilitated by the mediator. The mediator makes the difference!

  • How?

    Mediations can be conducted with parties when they have lawyers, and their lawyers will accompany them to advise them, and can be conducted when the parties do not have lawyers.  The mediator does not provide legal advice. The mediator does not “decide” an issue, like a judge would do.  The mediator presents offers and ideas from one party to the other using techniques shown to increase the likelihood of agreement.  When the agreement is made, the mediator will memorialize the agreement for the parties’ use in their legal case.

  • Why?

    Even when the parties reach agreement to some, but not all, issues, mediation can save the parties time and money in litigation

  • Who?

    Contact Austin lawyer Karen Wang if you need an experienced mediator.

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